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The 18th Wardrobe by Ronald van der Kemp was named ‘The Reset’ is a plea for all viewers to take a step back and reflect on the of 21st century fashion scope.


The video directed by Dylan Eno combines a dreamlike atmosphere with new innovative editing tools. The opening of the film features archive footage from couture showrooms from the 60’s being re-edited with the RVDK muses and looks. Taking fashion back to the pre-conglomerate era and emphasizing the nostalgia rooted in the need for a reset. As the show continues viewer are being guided through multiple rooms, stages and atmospheres all being tied together by the dreamlike 50's sounds from Mantovani.


The film features a variety of muses like couture legend Marpessa Hennink and movie star and climate activist Carice van Houten.


With this film Eno gives a new take on what it means to be a ‘time traveling designer’ and seamlessly merges time periods as a testimony to dream and reset.




Film direction and cinematography


Ronald van der Kemp


Paris Couture Week, Atelier Néerlandais

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