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In the historic Bijlmer Bajes, a former prison with an authentic edge, a one-of-a-kind fashion show unfolded during Amsterdam Fashion Week. Against the backdrop of weathered walls and dimly lit corridors, models wearing delicate paper garments paraded with unapologetic rawness, Ronald van der Kemp and Steve Madden joined forces.

Dylan Eno's specially crafted music, echoing through the prison's history-laden halls, encapsulated the venue's energy. Blending orchestral grandeur, experimental opera, techno, hard techno, gabber, hardcore, soundscape, breakbeat, and hints of dubstep, the soundtrack resonated with and within the prison. The only pre-existing piece was the classical couture music sample, while all other tracks were crafted from scratch, utilizing a staggering array of over 150 instruments and vocal work by Chai Dienn.

The cast, a mix of gabbers and couture enthusiasts, became part of this transformation. In the rough and raw ambiance of the Bijlmer Bajes, the fashion show redefined resilience and creativity within this historic prison's confines.

RVDK x Steve Madden Show Soundtrack (Original mix)Dylan Eno ft Chai Dienn
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Sound design, video design & photography


Ronald van der Kemp

Steve Madden

Amsterdam Fashion Week


Amsterdam Fashion Week 23, Bijlmerbajes (Bajes Kwartier)

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