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"Role Model" is a film essay that explores the influence of contemporary role models on the fashion industry. The voice of the world's most famous influencer, Kim Kardashian, guides the viewer through her clothing archive as she languidly talks about her thirty-thousand garments and the uncertainty of finding another muse to expand this archive. However, the imagery stands in a cynically contrasting light with the audio and portrays the consequences of discarded clothing. As the film progresses we see a TikTok unboxing  trend being 'sampled', where clothing is disrespectfully scattered as if the consumers are showering in their newly ordered items. The influence of the role model on the consumer becomes evident.

Ronald van der Kemp collaborated with Dylan Eno for the film's edit and concept. The film was screened during Amsterdam Fashion Week 22 In Tuschinksi Amsterdam. Along side the screening a digital campaign was released through different places in the Netherlands.




Concept creation, Video design


Ronald van der Kemp

Amsterdam Fashion Week


Amsterdam Fashion Week 22, Tuschinski Amsterdam

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