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"To Die For" is a film essay that delves into the intricate aspects of human beauty ideals. The extremes of this innate human desire, alongside the boundless behaviors that accompany it. The film takes the viewers on a captivating journey back to the Victorian era, where it unveils the story of arsenic green pigment.


Through the use of Victorian quotes and 3D scanned clothing items, the film narrates the account of how this life-threatening green pigment was mass-produced and consumed despite the prevailing knowledge of its health risks. The film astutely draws parallels between this past behavior and our present-day use of microplastics, suggesting that similar societal patterns have emerged. Ultimately, the film serves as a thought-provoking commentary on our collective preoccupation with beauty, and the often-perilous behaviors it engenders.

In 2022 To Die For won the René Smeets award, one of the two BA awards given by the Design Academy Eindhoven each year to it's graduates.

In 2023 To Die For won the prestigious 'Grand Prize' during the 25th anniversary of the 'A Shaded View on Fashion' film festival by Diane Pernet.

The film was made in collaboration with the Kunstmuseum The Hague from whom the dresses where 3D scanned. The photogrammetry was done by Provrex.




Video design, 3D scanning,

Music design, Hitstoric research


Kunst Museum The Hague



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3D models | Kunst museum Den Haag

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