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The Flourish Forever project is a bold and innovative approach to rebranding Laura Ashley, with a focus on the eternal beauty and quality of their products and customers. By tapping into the English heritage of the brand, the project aims to reignite the passion and excitement that customers once had for Laura Ashley.

The concept store features a green house design that symbolizes the eternal flourishing of flowers. This theme is carried throughout the entire project, including the packaging and photoshoot design, which are infused with the same sense of beauty and permanence.


As Laura Ashley once famously said, "I don't like ephemeral things: I like things that last forever." This project is a testament to that philosophy, showcasing the timeless beauty and quality of Laura Ashley products. 

The project was a hypothetical concept functioning as Dylan Eno’s 2018 graduation project for his retail design study.




Concept creation, store design & visual communication

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