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Behold "The Mind Vaccine Part 2”, the 17th wardrobe collection designed by sustainable couture designer Ronald van der Kemp. For this collection, Kemp collaborated with Dylan Eno to create the atmosphere, video, and sound design for his show. Held at the Dutch embassy in the heart of Paris, the show featured muses from various fields and disciplines, including LGBTQ+ lawyer Loic Chave , theater spectacle Jordan Roth, 80s couture supermodel Marpessa and various couture clients.

As attendees made their way through the tunnel leading to the embassy, they were met with red flickering lights and forceful soundscapes by Eno, reflecting the turmoil of the world. However, once inside, the atmosphere was in stark contrast. Slow-breathing lights and Eno's classical music set a traditional mid-century couture show atmosphere, creating an intimate platform for individuals and muses of all kinds.

To catch a glimpse of the show, watch the film.




Atmosphere creation, Video design


Ronald van der Kemp


Paris Couture Week, Dutch Embassy 

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