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The 'Delusional Landscapes' image series represents an exploration of the intricate and nuanced portrayal of landscapes. As humans, our understanding of landscape imagery and its horizons is deeply ingrained in our history, allowing us to recognize landscapes through colors alone. This series aims to challenge our perception of the human system by combining it with the exposure of machine systems.

The series features photographs of landscapes printed at an angle on a flatbed printer. The top of each image was positioned 5cm below the printhead's focus point, causing the Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black ink droplets to deviate from their intended locations and spray onto the top of the paper. The angle at which the images were printed ensured that at the bottom of the image the ink droplets did in fact match with their focus point, resulting in a gradient of missed and hit ink droplets. The prints were made on 9gr/m² paper (almost 9 times lighter than office paper).

Despite this unconventional printing technique, the images remain recognizable as landscapes.

The series was a follow up on the essay ‘Everything we see, is mean to be seen’.




Photography & print techniques


Printed at studio Peter van Ede


Book | Lost in the drive

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